Welcome to Satya Yoga Oxford. Home of pregnancy yoga, postnatal yoga, yoga at work, Hatha yoga and private yoga classes


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Welcome to Satya Yoga Islip in Oxford. Home of pregnancy yoga, postnatal mother and baby yoga, yoga at work, Hatha yoga and private yoga classes

The demands of life have never been greater. With work and family life, and all of the stresses in between, it’s easy to lose touch with yourself. To neglect the essential “I” inside you. Yoga is a powerful form of exercise, and is particularly good at combating stress. It calms the mind, and cleanses and tones the body, making life more manageable and enjoyable.

At Satya Yoga we are dedicated to practice and teach Yoga to the highest standards. Through a regular yoga practice with us, individuals become empowered to have the confidence and knowledge to establish their own regular home practice.


A little about us…

Now the home for Satya Yoga is in Oxfordshire. Our studio in Islip, just outside Oxford, is light, airy and warm. In the summer we throw open the windows while we practice our asanas (postures) and breathing techniques (Pranayama). We light incense and candles and use lavender cushions for the final relaxation. We aim for you to leave us relaxed and restored: your inner self more grounded; your mind less cluttered; and with better posture.

I hope to see you on the mat!


Satya Yoga was established in London in 2003 by Zena Kidd-May, who taught yoga to private individuals at her London studio for several years.

Coming to Zena’s class is my special time, my little retreat of the week. I have always looked for something to keep my body fit, limber and engaged as well as for a way to help put my mind at ease. Yoga is just that for me because it helps to calm my mind down and offers a chance to leave my worries outside, while giving my bodies a chance to stretch and work on areas previously unknown to me. Zena’s teaching in her lovely studio offers just that to me. It provides for me that perfect serene atmosphere that challenges me to try something new in an environment where I feel completely supported and cared for. I wish I could go every day—and not only because of her delicious goodies which will always make me come back for more.

Elizabeth Bond

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