On Saturday, April 28th, Zena Kidd-May , Jo Kuszmar and Nicole Croft will be rolling out their yoga mats and offering 3 very different themed yoga sessions. They’re asking you to offer 75mins of your time to help raise money for charity.

Each teacher will be offering a themed 1hr & 15min session in North Oxford and 100% of the money will go to Parishes for Peace.

You are invited to join us for yoga, herbal tea and our homemade raw energy balls all for a fabulous cause!


Saturday 28th April

Zena       08.30 – 9.45am  Grounding & Rooting 

Nicole     10.00 – 11.15am  Heart Opening  

Jo             11.30 – 12.45pm  Harnessing the Breathe

Open to all students, but ideally you need to be reasonably fit with no ailments that may affect your practice.

Suggested donation: £15 per session, £20 for 2 sessions and £25 for 3 sessions              £1 for tea and energy balls

To reserve your space please email zena@satyayoga.co.uk   your details & session you are keen to attend.

If you can’t join us but would like to support the charity please email zena@satyayoga.co.uk with your details. 

Venue: Private arts studio, Park Town, North Oxford. (full address on confirmation of booking)

12 spaces per class so book in advance to reserve your spot!

About the charity:

My name is Sara Ghannam (Zena’s sister) and I help run, raise funds and awareness for Parishes for Peace charity in my local area of Weybridge.

I decided to give my time to help this charity for three reasons; firstly I speak Arabic so I could easily communicate with the refugees, secondly I was born in Basra, southern Iraq, so I understand their culture, and thirdly I wanted to help these forgotten families. It wasn’t about religion or being Iraqi so much but about humanity. The charity helps mainly Christian Iraqi families but also Muslim families that need support.

We are a small charity that works alongside our local church with our only aim being that of trying to help 34 Christian families who through no fault of their own have been displaced from their own war torn country to Jordon. There are so many charities around where money gets lost in the bureaucracy of it all but in our case 100% of what we raise goes to the families.

I have had the privilege of meeting these families and have been humbled by their resilience and forgiveness. I’ve visited Jordon twice in the past year and seen first hand the never ending obstacles and adversities that they come up against on a daily bases and yet their determination is never ending. They are enormously grateful for every penny we’ve given them through our fundraising charity; Parishes for Peace. Sadly, they are restricted on working as migrants in a Muslim country, but nonetheless they do any work that is presented to them.

Their hope is to be accepted by countries such as Australia and Canada but in the meantime they need to rebuild their lives, and part of our support, through our donations we’ve been able to provide them with laptops to help improve their English, help with medical costs, transportation for kids schooling as well as feminine vouchers.

Our aim is to help in whatever way we can, to at least give these families an opportunity to have a better life.

That you very much for  supporting us.

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Satya Yoga was established in London in 2003 by Zena Kidd-May, who taught yoga to private individuals at her London studio for several years.

In this hectic life we all lead, it is easy to live entirely in our heads, but attending Zena's classes over the last couple of years has enabled me to reconnect mind and body. Zena beautifully demonstrates how to move through the poses, whilst keeping an expert eye on us, to maximise what her students receive in each pose. I feel as strong and fit and as connected with my body and its possibilities as I have ever done in my life, and have always felt in such capable and knowledgable hands at Satya Yoga. The guided relaxation at the end of each class is wonderfully restorative, as are Zena's homemade nutritional treats, allowing us to leave class feeling thoroughly nurtured both inside and out! I enjoy Zena's classes so much I have gone from attending one to two a week.

Claire Henman

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