Why is it important to challenge ourselves and go where it can be uncomfortable.

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Hi, I just wanted to share some of my thoughts with you….

Whilst on my mat this morning, I realised I tend to do roughly the same postures. Don’t get me wrong, they are very challenging and strong but they are postures I like and enjoy doing and they feel good.

One thing I’ve discovered in life is that you have to keep on growing, you have to keep on challenging yourself, pushing the boundaries; otherwise you’ll never really know what you’re truly capable of. It’s the same on the mat, I must practice the postures that I don’t like, that make me feel uncomfortable and observe who I am in that uncomfortable space and it’s only then that I will see and feel my true potential.

However, growing, changing habits, and challenging your old ways, is scary as you never quite know how it’s going to be received but don’t let that put you off. In fact, it’s essential for your health, wellbeing and self-esteem that you constantly push through the fear of getting it wrong. If you think you’ve nailed it, and then stop then you’re merely stagnating and that is not a healthy place to be so dare to be yourself, and be the best that you can be.

As Nelson Mandela once wrote, “Your playing small does not serve the world.”

Only through exploration, continual challenge, and personal growth will you know what you are capable of.

Do it every day to feel deliciously alive and tap in to your incredible potential.

Go on, don’t be scared, challenge yourself on and off your mat.

You are amazing.




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Satya Yoga was established in London in 2003 by Zena Kidd-May, who taught yoga to private individuals at her London studio for several years.

Coming to Zena’s class is my special time, my little retreat of the week. I have always looked for something to keep my body fit, limber and engaged as well as for a way to help put my mind at ease. Yoga is just that for me because it helps to calm my mind down and offers a chance to leave my worries outside, while giving my bodies a chance to stretch and work on areas previously unknown to me. Zena’s teaching in her lovely studio offers just that to me. It provides for me that perfect serene atmosphere that challenges me to try something new in an environment where I feel completely supported and cared for. I wish I could go every day—and not only because of her delicious goodies which will always make me come back for more.

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